What will be your weight on other planet?

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Due to the effects of gravity, your weight would be different on the other planets in the solar system. Why does it differ? no matter which planet you flew, your mass will be the same but your weight differs mainly due to the gravity of the planet.The gravity will change as the mass of the planet changes, thus changing your weight too.weight

Using  Newton’s law of universal gravitation we can figure out how much you’d weigh on each planet in our solar system including sun, moon, and Pluto which are not planets.weight

With the help of NASA’s planetary fact sheet ratio to earth values report, we can make a simple calculation.Every planet has Gravity value, simply by multiplying your weight with each planet gravity values give the value of how much you weigh on the planet.weight

For example:

A normal man who weighs 75kg in Earth will weigh,

Mercury – 0.378 * 75 = 28.35 kg

Venus – 0.907 * 75 = 68.025 kg

Moon – 0.166 * 75 = 12.45 kg

Mars – 0.377 * 75 = 28.275 kg

Jupiter – 2.36 * 75 = 177 kg

Saturn – 0.916 * 75 = 68.7 kg

Uranus – 0.889 * 75 = 66.675 kg

Neptune – 1.12 * 75 = 84 kg

Pluto – 0.059 * 75 = 4.425 kgweight

To calculate your weight on other planet, click here – Solar system weighing Calculator

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