Usain Bolt is NOT the fastest person on Earth

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Usain Bolt

Everyone thinks Usain Bolt is the fastest human in the world with the world record of 9.58 sec in 100m.But that’s not true, there is another famous runner who actually ran faster than this at 9.45 sec in 100m.He is none other than Justin Gatlin of USA.Usain Bolt

At a Japanese TV show, they organised a run with huge fans throughout the track which helped him to break the record and so the ‘record’ didn’t count.

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Official Top Fastest 100m Run (as of 2016):

1. Usain Bolt (Jamaica) – Fastest Time: 9.58 seconds
The 100m Olympic record (9.69) was set by Bolt at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

2. Tyson Gay (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.69 seconds
During the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, Gay also ran a wind-aided 9.68 (once the fastest 100 m under any condition).

3. Asafa Powell (Jamaica) – Fastest Time: 9.72 seconds
Asafa Powell ran his fastest time, once the world record, during heats at the 2007 IAAF Rieti Grand Prix.

4. Maurice Greene (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.79 seconds
By the widest margin since electronic timing, Greene ran this since passed world record time in 1999.

5. Donovan Bailey (Canada) – Fastest Time: 9.84 seconds
Bailey returned Canada to glory with his 9.84 record-breaking runs at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

6. Bruny Surin (Canada) – Fastest Time: 9.84 seconds
Surin’s second place finish of 9.84 at the 1999 World Championships was the fastest silver medal time ever.

7. Leroy Burrell (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds
Burrell had twice set the world record in the 100 metres with a 9.90 in 1991 and a 9.85 in 1994.

8. Justin Gatlin (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds
Gatlin’s fastest time was set at the 2004 Olympics with a gold medal winning 9.85-second run.

9. Olusoji Fasuba (Nigeria) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds
Fasuba holds the African 100 metre sprinting mark with a 9.85 at the Doha Grand Prix in 2006.

10. Carl Lewis (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.86 seconds
Track and Field star Carl Lewis has won nine Olympic gold medals and eight World Championship gold medals.

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