Top 10 mobile apps of 2016 (IOS & Android)

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mobile apps

It’s the combination report of Google play store and Apple App store mobile apps:

There are more than two million apps that currently inhabit the App Store and five million in Google play store, out of all the 10

Top 10 mobile apps:

10. Amazon

Average User –  65,511,000

9. Apple Music

Average User – 68,392,000

8. Instagram

Average User – 74,672,000

7. Gmail

Average User – 88,572,000

6. Google Play

Average User – 99,773,000

5. Google Search

Average User – 103,595,000

4. Google Maps

Average User – 105,749,000

3. Youtube

Average User – 113,738,000

2. Facebook Messenger

Average User – 129,679,000

1. Facebook –

Average User – 146,027,000

To see more on Facebook – CLICK HERE

Report List:

mobile apps



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