Top 10 countries with largest gold holdings

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10. India – 557 Tonnes

It may not surprise you, the Bank of India has one of the largest storage in the world. It might be no 10 in the holding list but no one in the consumer of the precious metal. According to GFMS Gold Survey, India tops the list with a consumption of 107.6 tonnes during Q3 of the calendar year 2016.

9. Netherlands – 612 Tonnes

Recently they brought back a lot of its own stocks from the U.S and now seeking a suitable place to store its gold while it renovates its vaults.

8. Japan – 765 Tonnes

It’s the world’s third largest economy and eighth largest in holding precious metal.

7. Switzerland – 1040 Tonnes

It might be in seventh place but it holds world’s largest reserves of gold per capita.

6. Russia – 1460 Tonnes

It’s rebuilding its gold reserves in the last several years. In 2015, it was the top buyer, adding a record 206 tonnes.

5. China – 1797 Tonnes

It’s the world largest gold producing country and second in consuming next to India. According to GFMS Gold Survey, China is second in the list with a consumption of 98.1 tonnes during Q3 of the calendar year 2016.

4. France – 2435 Tonnes

France’s central bank has sold a huge stock over the past several years, it even freezes on selling the nation’s gold to hold the huge stock.

3. Italy – 2451 Tonnes

It maintained the size of its stock over the years. To get to note it has support from European Central Bank (ECB) President and The former Bank of Italy governor Mr.Mario Draghi.

2. Germany – 3381 Tonnes

Germany stores in foreign storage locations, including New York and Paris, it plans to have the full 3,381 tonnes in-country by 2020.

1. United States – 8133 Tonnes

One of the powerhouses of the world has nearly as much gold as the next three countries combined.

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