Supermassive black hole in the size of 17 billion suns

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black hole

In the center of a galaxy, astronomers have uncovered a supermassive blackhole in the size of 17 billion Suns. Astronauts were thinking supermassive black hole are rare in the galaxy but these monster objects may be more common than once thought.

Until now, the biggest supermassive black holes those with masses around 10 billion times that of our Sun have been found in the cores of very large galaxies in regions loaded with other large hole

While finding a gigantic black hole in a massive galaxy in a crowded area of the universe is to be expected, it seemed less likely they could be found in the small galaxy.

Maybe there are a lot more monster black holes out there that do not live near but soon we will explore as technology develops.Most of the scientists believe there is no way out of black hole but  Stephen Hawking Thinks There’s A Way Out Of A Black hole

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