Raqqa – The City Erased From The Map @ 2017

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No, it’s not world war two, its the war happened at 2017 which totally destroyed an entire city. It turned a lively place into dust and ashes.City City

Raqqa is one of the main city in Syria which was in the hold of ISIS. To get the control back, Syrian Democratic Forces backed by US took the fight with ISIS and finally took the control by destroying the entire city and left the city inhabitable. Is this called crime or war against Terror? City City

A Syrian activist says between 1130 and 1873 innocent civilians were killed during this attack which was lead by US and Alliance and no one knows the real count. The total population of Raqqa was approximate about Half a Million People and today there won’t be more than few hundreds and all of them were military forces.City

There are so many questions to be answered,

  1. Who will rebuild the places which were destroyed?
  2. Where are those half a million peoples and what facilities does the government provide them?
  3. What’s the answer for the innocent people killed?
  4. To kill 100’s of ISIS do we need to destroy the entire city and make people run away?
  5. Why is UN silent?

City City

Answers may or may not come, but questioning is our responsibility.


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