Millions of debris pose threat to space travel

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Recently NASA tracks pieces of space debris that are in orbit around the earth. So far more than 20,000 pieces have identified that are larger than a softball and more than 50,000 pieces which are larger than marbles.debris

These are visible junk and there is millions of small and dark debris that are too hard to track and find. These small tiny bits of space junk pose the big threat to spacecraft and astronauts.If this continues it will be very risky to travel outer space in future, Some scientist thinks that if this space junk is not checked then it could form a shield of debris around the earth.debris

Are there any possibilities to clean up the space junk? yes, there are few solutions for it,

A Space based laser could target and fire on pieces of space junks to eliminate them.

Few plans have been proposed for a junk removing spacecraft, which would dock with debris and remove it from orbit.




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