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best selling phone ever

Nokia, the brand that dominated the mobile phone market before the entry of iPhone and android. Nearly 70% of the total mobile market was in their hold and they have been No 1 players for more than decade. They have produced many finest mobile and which to be particular it’s NOKIA 1100 which has been the huge hit and best selling phone selling phone ever

Nokia 1100 was launched on 2003 and discounted on 2009, and was designed at Nokia Design Center in California. Nokia’s one billionth phone sold was a Nokia 1100 purchased in Nigeria in 2005. In the period of 6 years, the model was sold more than 250 million units, which is the highest number of mobile sold ever followed by NOKIA 1110, iPhone 6 and Samsung s6 and s6 selling phone ever

Best selling phone ever – Top 5 List

  1. Nokia 1100 – 250 million
  2. Noia 1110 – 250 million
  3. iPhone 6 – 220 million
  4. Samsung s6 & s6 Edge – 220 millions
  5. Nokia 3210 – 150 million

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