Is intuition really exists or a myth?

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You can call it as Gut feeling, Sixth sense or Inner voice.Intuitions play a major part in human behaviour of decision making says a new study.For the first time, researchers found a technique to measure intuition.According to the findings, it makes people take faster, more accurate and more confident decisions.The report published online in April 2016, in the journal Psychological Science.intuition

Intuition is the brain process that gives people the ability to make decisions without the use of analytical reasoning.The study shows that it does, indeed, exist and can be measured.The researchers defined intuition as the influence of “nonconscious emotional information” from the body or the brain, such as a natural feeling or sensation.intuition

The experiments also suggested it can become better at using their intuition over time.It’s all about learning to use unconscious information in your brain.In the future, the researchers might be able to develop a method to train people to take advantage of their intuitions and then test them to see does it truly improved with more frequent use and practice.intuition

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