Is Alien Species Our Real God – The Annunaki

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Annunaki are said to be the species from 12th planet or planet X or the planet which is called Nibiru, The planet which is supposed to circle the sun with elliptical orbit every 3,600 earth years and revolves clockwise rather than counterclockwise.  These species is said to be the one who created Mankind to work for them as slaves. Sumerian, the first known civilization of earth worshiped Annunakis as a god.Annunaki

This Sumerian craving clearly shows the current solar system with planets and its accurate size. But it has 12, where is that 12th planet now? to be shocking, the scientist has recently found the planet x, which is the 12th planet and it’s so far from Pluto and research is on to know about it.Annunaki

The Sumerian language appears to be the language taught to the humans by the Annunaki since it’s assumed to be the first language ever written.The meaning of Sumerian term Annunaki means “those who sent from heaven to earth” or “To fall down to Earth, to land”.Annunaki

The Sumerians believed that the Annunaki were on the planet to mine the rich resources like gold and mankind which was created from their DNA through genetic manipulation. they are known to have a vast knowledge of science and advanced technology.Annunaki

Sumer was constructed under the direction of the Annunakis and was located in what is now Iraq.The Sumerian stone carvings show so many unsolved questions. There are so many proofs that there were some Godly people who instructed and guided the mankind.Annunaki

They are Human-like creatures, slightly larger than humans. They have influenced every aspect of human life. As we have engineered with their DNA, theory we tend to have their patriarchal culture of vengeance and violence.These species are said to be coming back anytime soon. The doomsday theory of 2012 was mainly created with the base of Annunakis, but nothing happened. Who knows whats true and whats going happen and if at all it happens, when will it?

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  2. Nibiru
  3. Planet X
  4. Sumerians

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