Don’t Drink Purest Water, It’s Dangerous

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We always thought purest water is good for health and tasty, but our thoughts are totally wrong. It’s not sweet or healthy, but dangerous and tasteless.water

We watch so many TV Commercials who promote their water as purest in the world, that ad looks awesome, they show it so pure and looks like a seethrough glass. But technically those are less in minerals and it’s not good for health.water

The Ultrapure water doesn’t have any impurities and minerals, it’s just OXYGEN & HYDROGEN – H2O. These are very aggressive and very unstable. It’s totally not recommended to drink, as you keep drinking for a long time it takes electrolytes from your blood which results in losing all minerals in your body, get sick and may even cause death.water

The taste of the water depends on the minerals, if it is not tasty it doesn’t contain minerals. Various regions in the world have different taste of water, it purely depends on the minerals it carries, that’s why the taste differs from region to region.water

One of the companies which make the ultra purestwater is ThermoFisher Scientific at USA.water

To have a healthy hygienic life, avoid drinking pure treated water. Instead, heat your regional clean water source and consume it, it contains rich minerals.water

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