Diamond batteries, Charges more than 10,000 years

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Diamond batteries

The university of Bristol, a research team has developed a way to use a type of nuclear waste to generate electricity. They use this in nuclear-powered battery which is an actual diamond or Diamond batteries.Diamond batteries

These batteries produce very low power but do not need to be recharged and will operate for thousands of years. It dosesn’t have any radioactive emission and also zero maintenance.Diamond batteries

To know the value of how less Diamond batteries produce electricity, the amount of radioactivity in each diamond battery is a lot less than in a single banana. But the power output of the diamond battery is continuous and doesn’t stop. Even after 5,730 years, it still produces 50% of power continuously.Diamond batteries

These Diamond batteries can be used in specific purpose like pacemakers or in spacecraft and satellites, where you don’t want to replace it for 1000’s of years.Diamond batteries

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