Biggest bank robbery ever in history

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bank robbery

It’s Central Bank of Iraq, Iraq. In March 2003, the day before US military force entered Baghdad, is considered nearly 1 Billion US dollars stolen from the is considered to be the biggest bank robbery robbery

This was planned and executed by non other than Iraq ruler and President Late Saddam Hussein. He was the master mind behind the biggest robbery. As US force advanced in Iraq, Saddam Hussein has no way other than hide in underground hideout’s. Before this happens he decided to take a good some of money from State Run Central bank thinking he has got the power to do it. And even Central bank has withdrawn the money and handed  fearing robbery

He sent his second son Qusay Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti to collect the money from bank, he also carried a handwritten letter from Saddam Hussein his father, saying that The amount should be withdrawn and handed over to his son. He took $900 million in American 100 bills and as much as $100 million worth of euros and total worth of US$ 1 Billion.This is the Biggest bank robbery ever in robbery

Bank officials state that Qusay with another unidentified man came to bank and collected the money in sealed boxed, they loaded them in truck and left. The total process gone through 5 hours. In the later battle on 22 July 2003, Quasy was killed by US robbery

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