Art of thinking

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Art of thinking

There several different types of thinking (Art of thinking) or the way to think,

These are the Art of thinking –

Creative thinking –

It’s the ability to conceive innovative and new ideas by gathering from established thoughts, rules, procedures and theories. It’s often referred as “thinking out of the box”.Art of thinking

Analytical thinking –

It’s ability to separate the whole part into step by step manner to break down a large system of information and examine the parts and their relationships.Art of thinking

Critical thinking –

It’s the ability to exercise careful evaluation or judgment in order to determine accuracy, validity, worth, authenticity, or value of something or someone. It also considers the other elements which would influence on the conclusion.Art of thinking

Concrete thinking –

It’s ability to understand and apply accurate knowledge. It is about thinking of objects or ideas as specific items rather than general concept.Art of thinking

Abstract thinking –

It’s ability to use concepts to make and understand about a specific thing and connect them to other items, experiences, and events. It pays attention to deep and hidden meaning to understand deeply.Art of thinking

Divergent thinking –

It’s ability to generate or produce creative ideas by exploring any possibilities in an effort to find a solution that actually works. It involves bringing data and facts together from different sources and applying them with logic and knowledge to solve the problem. It gives many solutions.Art of thinking

Convergent thinking –

It’s ability to put a number of various pieces or perspectives of a topic together in a logical manner to find a precise single answer.Art of thinking

Sequential thinking –

It’s ability to process information in orderly form or manner. It involves step by step process where the result should obtain before taking the next step.Art of thinking

Holistic thinking –

It’s ability to see the big picture in bigger, open mind and multiple ways rather than in one direction. It observes the entire patterns of the system rather than step by stpe or single pointed.Art of thinking

The art of thinking helps us in the ever single way and evert single day. Keep your mind fresh and explore it.


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