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The video released by The Sheivae Project claims that they received an alien reply as the audio recording from outer space. This is the response for 1977 message from Nasa Voyager. After 35 years NASA finally receives the reply in 2012 and kept it secret from the general public. But this video widely dubbed as a hoax.Audio Recording

NASA sent two Voyager probes into space in 1977 and explored for almost 40 years. IT was sent on their journey with a message from Earth, a gold-plated copper disk that holds images and sounds that represent life on the Planet Earth. The video claims, in 2005 some “unknown signal” were received by Opportunity Mars rover and it was not recovered until 2012, later on, 2012 the Curiosity rover successfully recovered it.Audio Recording

The video was created by ‘Viktor’ and he said ‘You can believe me or not, this is not a problem but please respect my work and the risks I took.’

According to The Sheivae Project, the audio Recording message received goes as –

‘Hello. I am Sheivae. I receive your message. I come from the world far away from yours.

‘You are not alone.

‘I hope you receive mine. I hope you understand my message. I try to learn your language (???) yours.

‘(???) me I lost (???) I lost my planet.

‘Now I am the explorer, voyager, creator. You are my first contact. I would (???) like to (???) you. I am not your enemy. I come in peace.’

Watch the video here –

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