20 Animal Facts You Will Laugh

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Animal Facts
  1. Sea otters, when they sleep it will hold hands to avoid drifting apart.Animal Facts
  2. Squirrels, it plants thousands of new trees each year just by forgetting where it put it’s seed food.Animal Facts
  3. Male Puppy Dogs, When playing with female puppies, even though it has a physical advantage it will often let female puppy win.Animal Facts
  4. Turtles, it can seriously breathe through their butts.Animal Facts
  5. Cows, it does have best friends as us.Animal Facts
  6. Gentoo penguins, it proposes to their life mates with a seed of pebble.Animal Facts
  7. Rats, it laugh when tickled (Ha-Ha)Animal Facts
  8. Dolphins, it has names for each other and communicates with it.Animal Facts
  9. Puffins mate for life. They make homes and separate toilet aside.Animal Facts
  10. Oysters, it can be he or her, yes it changes gender depending on which is best for mating.Animal Facts
  11. Japanese Macaques, it makes snowballs just for fun.Animal Facts
  12. Chicks, through a system of sounds it can communicate with each other and their mother through a system of sounds, even before it hatches.Animal Facts
  13. Dog, it has nose prints that are as unique as human fingerprints.Animal Facts
  14. Turritopsis nutricula, Immortal jellyfish is the only species known to live forever, it has no record of death till date.Animal Facts
  15. Butterflies, it tastes with their feet by placing it on flowers.Animal Facts
  16. Squirrels, it will adopt other squirrels babies if they are abandoned.Animal Facts
  17. Crows, it is so intelligent they can play pranks and have fun with each other.Animal Facts
  18. Seahorses, it mates for life and when they travel they hold each other’s tails, like a wedding couple.Animal Facts
  19. Ostriches, it can run faster than horses, and the males ostriches can roar like lion.Animal Facts
  20. Some male songbirds sing more than 2000 times each day. So an average of 7,20,00,00 songs a year.Animal Facts

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